Choose check the details in the app for each respective brand in the Raiz Rewards section of the app. For most people, there are 2 ways to update your income after that assets details.

Real Money - 79779

How do Raiz make money? You be able to find out more on our blog here. Does InstaReM offer forward contracts? When you link a credit before debit card to your Raiz balance, we track the spare change as of your transactions and make it accessible for you to invest. How elongate will it take to transfer my money through InstaReM? If you basic help, select the question mark emblem To start your first update, acquaint with us the date your income after that assets changed.

Direct to Local Bank

Denial, we currently do not offer accelerate contracts. I received a NSF non-sufficient funds or fee on my array account because of Raiz! You be able to use the iphone or android app or visit our website to accompany the selection of our portfolios, after that read more about the underlying investments in the PDS we sent you. Select the date your income after that assets changed. How often will I need to provide this information? Is there a minimum investment amount compulsory to open an account? Why does Raiz need my Tax File Number?

Real Money Deposit - 24493

Cardless Deposit Westpac

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