They may choose multiple ways of accomplishment so, with deposit bonuses, VIP rewards programs, random drawings, and free coin back on certain deposits.

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Distinctively, the more you wager, the add Status Points you will earn. These rewards will be different for all XP-Level. Our elite players are invited to our exclusive VIP CLUB anywhere every day there is another distinctive event or free give-away, so constant the most experienced and demanding disco player will be satisfied. Those credits can then be used to ante on more games, or the actor can choose to withdraw the capital as cash. Players can also be paid a Jackpot City Casino bonus at the same time as well as loyalty points through a choice of promotions offered at the casino's acumen.

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How do I move up a Status Level?

But you wager money from your assess, we will keep track of how much you have wagered. The wagering requirement for Loyalty Bonuses is 35x. There also may be some wagering requirements before players can withdraw their cash back rewards. Players may additionally forfeit any cash back rewards before winnings if they do not accusation the full amount within six months of receipt. Loyalty Bonuses Loyalty Bonuses can be used in any amusement, except progressive jackpot slots and tablegames.

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How to Claim the Loyalty Rewards?

These can then be used to accept bonuses in our Loyalty shop. Central Rules: - Loyalty Points are barely earned by wagering from your assess. Redeeming Points Once players have earned at least loyalty points, they be able to redeem them for a special Bonanza City Casino bonus. Depending on your Status Level in the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program, you could be adequate to win money from multiple bonanza pools. If you wager money as of your balance, we will keep chase of how much you have wagered. The more you wager, the add 'VIP Points' you earn. For all points earned, the casino will compensate back into the player's casino balance a certain number of free disco credits.

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Wagering Requirements

Allegiance points Earning Loyalty Points It's actual easy to start saving up Allegiance Points, all you need to accomplish is start playing! They may decide multiple ways of doing so, along with deposit bonuses, VIP rewards programs, accidental drawings, and free cash back arrange certain deposits. You can also be paid VIP Points from any of the frequent promotions you will be acceptance. Options include free credits, cash ago rewards, and access to free games. The easiest way is by wagering on their favorite games.

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