I cannot buy the quality of coats here that you get in Shanghai. Report inappropriate content.

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Around is a Chinese brand "Bosideng" which I have found in many stores. The first part of the anniversary will be the worst time,maybe those are the days to avoid things like the BundNanjing Rd, Yu gardens, and the like. Keep this contemptible 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor as it will be useful away. It is a nightmare, and not fun. This is maybe the barely place I have ever gone arrange any Chinese holiday that wasn't busy beyond belief.

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I have found the best quality along coats and winter clothing at the department stores. There is also a Down store about a block ahead maybe same block from the Amity Hotel same side, you see a sign for Down and the appellation of the store is something akin to "Hailion" I can't find the spelling take the single escalator up in front of the street and there are three incredible floors filled with real along coats. I have a headache a minute ago thinking about this.

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