* 1.1.Country


*1.2.Scholarship name


1.3. Reason for applying/Type of scholarship(e.g.exchange, stay for limited period-six months, one academic year etc... full time degree course)

2.Scholarship details

2.1. Study subject or degree title: (e.g Mathematics, International Relations)

*2.2. Field of Study


2.3. Higher Education Institution - name, country: (e.g. University of Warwick - UK, University of Amsterdam - Nederlands)

*2.4. Please specify the country / region/ nationality: (e.g. Serbia/South Eastern Europe, etc) or University in the Western Balkans


2.5. Age limit (e.g. 20/20-25, etc)

3. Financial and further details

*3.1. Amount paid per month / year (e.g. up to 15.000 euros per sudent per year)

3.2. Grant covers (e.g tution fee/accomodation/books etc)

Grant Cover

Grant Cover Other Fees:

3.3. Type of grant: (e.g. lump sum/fees paid directly, etc.)

3.4. Duration of scholarship: (e.g. 6 months/12 months, etc)

*3.5. Number of scholarships available: (if possible seperately for each degree level)


3.6. How often is the scholarship offered: (e.g. 6 months/12 months, etc)

3.7. Is the grant offered within the scholarship scheme available in this academic year (2016/2017)?

3.8. Does the scholarship programme have an end date?

3.9. Is the scholarship a full or partial scholarship (full scholarship covering tution fee, accomodation and living costs)?


4.1. Applications must be subbmited to:

Foreign Embassy (If Submited To Foreign Embassy):
Foundation (If Submited To Foundation):
Online (If Submited Online):
Other (If Submited To Other Institution):

*4.2. Accompanying documents require with the application (e.g. copy of diploma/motivation letter/letter of recomendation, etc):

*4.3. Selection criteria/admission requirements: (e.g. required grade/command of the English language, etd):


*4.4. Deadline (e.g. for the application, submission of documents, etc):


5.Further information: Scholarship Contact Person

*5.1. Contact name

*5.2. E mail


*5.3. Contact website


6.Other scholarship programmes

6.1. Please indicate which other programmes your institution is involved in

* fields are required


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